The first and last you see

There’s a lot of things you think about when you get a pet. You think about how cute your new puppy or kitten is. You try to figure out how to train them and how much they need to eat. You buy them toys and treats and beds. You might think about the dog you grew up with as a kid or the neighbor’s cat your mom used to shoo out of your backyard. Mostly you hope this little (or big) fur ball will be the best friend you’re looking to come home to at the end of the day, an addition to your family.

This blog is about the other side of your pet’s life; more so about the people on the other side of your pet’s life. I’m the lovely person who answers the phone when you call, gets you your medications, schedules/confirms/checks in/checks out your appointments, plays the go between for you and your veterinarian or technician, and so many other things you’d never know of. I’m the first and last face you see but surprisingly unremarkable in the eyes of the general public.

There’s more than just customer service representatives (CSR) among the list of unsung heroes in an animal hospital so while most of the stories will be about the front end of the hospital, you see all kinds of stories here. I started out at a nationwide veterinary corporation as what was known as a pet nurse’s assistant which is basically a fancy title for hospital janitor. I was trained as a veterinary assistant on the job and had the same responsibilities as a technician without the certification from an expensive school program. After a couple of moves to different states I have found myself in the receptionist position at a small town private practice animal clinic in Northwest Arkansas. Let’s dive in.